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Erweiterung West

Your competence centre for technical security and risk management is expanding.

  • 1 auditorium
  • 7 seminar rooms
  • 100 office workstations

The plan is for seminar activities for SVTI and Swiss Safety Center to be developed and brought together under the umbrella of "SVTI Akademie". The current headquarters of SVTI (Swiss Association for Technical Inspections) in Wallisellen, built in 1998, is to be expanded, with the addition of much-needed rooms and office space.

The new rooms will follow the design principles of the existing building to ensure a coherent whole. The large glass walls are symbolic of the transparency that SVTI is committed to maintaining. The new attic floor with a vastly protruding flying roof is a distinctive landmark that can be seen from the train station and at the new site. The split-level foyer and sculptural exit act as a facilitator between the large building and approaching visitors.


Swiss Association for Technical Inspections
Richtistrasse 15
8304 Wallisellen
Phone +41 44 877 62 23
Fax +41 44 877 61 75


The building will be heated and cooled via two air/water heat pumps. The incoming air will be directed to the heat pumps in the deep-level underground multi-storey car ­park. It will be naturally pre-heated during this process, which makes for a more efficient system. The warmth distribution is achieved with radiant ceiling panels. Highly-reflective slats offer sun protection. A second glass layer protects them from wind, rain and dirt. The rooms will not be over-heated, which means less need to cool them and they will be ensured an ample supply of daylight. The clear glass is to be used on all of the building's façades and will prevent harsh changes over the daylight spectrum. All installations on all floors, excluding the riser zones, will follow the construction design and can be individually changed at any time.

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